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What is a Webcam Agent?

An agent is someone who refers new webcam models and earns commission from each model they refer to the site. Agent pay is based on how much a model earns. Agents earn 10% of model's earnings for life. We are seeking self-motivated and creative individuals to become agents. On average, our webcam models make between $500 and $2,000 per week working 20 to 25 hours, with some models making much more. Based on that average, you could be earning $50 to $200 per week for each active model. All you have to do is refer models to the model application page with the tools provided and i-camz will take care of the rest.
I-camz agent earnings

Get paid to refer customers too!

Now agents also get paid 10% of customers spending for life! Simply refer customers to Icamzlive.com using the tools and banners provided and get paid 10% of the spending of the customers you refer. Note: payouts for referring customers to Icamzlive.com will be paid once monthly at the beginning of the next month. Agents for I-camz are among the highest paid in the industry because I-camz offers more ways to earn money.
Paid to refer models

Now get paid to refer other agents!

Agents now get paid to refer other agents! Agents make 10% of other agents earnings. So now you can refer all your friends, if they prefer not to be a model they can be a modeling agent, or if they like they can become a customer with us. Any way you look at it you will make 10% simply for sending them to i-camz.com or icamzlive.com. Note: Referred agent must earn $100 or more in a single week to qualify. So this means that you will get paid off any of your agents that earn over $100 in a single week.

How do I become a modeling agent?

Fill out the simple agent application online. No forms required.
affiliate dashboard

How do I refer potential models?

Recruiting options are endless: posting ads, emailing friends, social networking, and much more! Great sites to get started on are: Craigslist.org, Backpage.com, city classifieds, and social networks. After you apply as an agent, you will be able to log into your agent account. To do this, go to the agent login. Click on the tab Agent login on the home page and enter your user name and password. After you log in, you will be provided with three tools to help you recruit potential webcam models.

1. Agent Referral Links:

Send our referral link to potential web cam models and when a person clicks on this link, they are directed to the Model Application Page, or Home Page. After they fill out the application page, it will be automatically be linked to your account. The models name will appear under "Models You Have Referred."

2. Agent Code:

Each agent is provided with a four digit code. When a model enters your provided code when filling out the Model Application, the models name is automatically linked to your account. The best time to use the agent code is when you are unable to give a person your entire agent link.

3. Agent Banner:

Copy and paste the code to the provided banner and place on personal websites, social networks, or ads. When a model clicks on the banner and fills out the application, the models name is automatically linked to your account.* Each method can be used independently of one another

Can I track my hits?

You will be paid weekly starting the week your model begins working. There is a one week hold. When a models working week ends, you will see your amount earned under "Your Earnings" and you will be paid the following week. Payments are via Check, Direct Deposit, or Paxum. International payment method is Payoneer ($20 Minimum). Note: payouts for referring customers to Icamzlive.com will be paid once monthly at the begining of the next month.

Having Trouble Recruiting? Contact us at support@i-camz.com and we will provide you with suggestions!

Please remember as Agents you are representing i-camz.com so please be friendly and helpful to your potential models. There is no required amount of time to work, but with a simple effort you can earn easy money.

* Must be 18 years of age or older to apply
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