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Have your camera positioned close to your screen for the best interaction. Adjust your cam to the highest quality settings. The better cam settings and Internet connection will rank you higher on the list. Upgrade your equipment to get the best customer satisfaction


Lighting is KEY to making you look good on camera. Make sure your room is neither too dark nor too bright. Make adjustments to your cam when needed


For best customer interaction, use your microphone whenever possible. Microphone is optional; HOWEVER, customers love to hear your sexy voice. Using audio improves the customer experience and helps improve your placement. Turn your computer sound ON to hear when a customer is taking you private.

Toys and Props:

Consider offering a variety of types of shows. Members love shows with toys or props. Personalize your room to show your theme of what your show may offer members. Have your toys close by and ready to go!

Play Dress Up:

Always try to look your best! Offer a variety of outfits, shoes, stockings, pantyhose, and accessories. Customers enjoy different fantasies - you can make them come true! If they want a secretary, you should be able to dress and play the part. If they want a mistress, have the latex outfit and whip. The more parts you can play, the more you can provide the specialized experience requested by a customer.

Know Your Customers:

Get to know your customers and remember them, it will make them feel special! However, keep in mind that customers can change their display name at will. If you aren't sure if you've chatted with them before, just select their name and hit the profile icon. Here is where you can take notes about the member so you can impress them with your memory of what you've chatted about before and what they are into.

Pay Attention:

When in guest chat, try not to be distracted. Don't watch TV or listen to loud music if you can. Smile, be flirty, and remember that every guest is a potential member. Pay attention to customers request in order to give them the best show. This will help you get 5 Star ratings and ranked higher on the websites. Try to give each customer some individual attention.


Teasing the customer is not a bad thing, but do not reveal too much. Teasing is a great way to earn some Gold. GOLD is a way for members to let you know they like your show. Members in your guest and your paid room will be able to give you GOLD while they are in your chat. Members will be able to enter an amount of GOLD they'd like to give you and you will see who sent you GOLD and how much they sent in your chat window!


Remind the customer of the next time you will be online before logging off. Keep your schedule updated, even if you cannot commit to the schedule all the time. Spend time online, don't give up! The more time on line, the more your list of regulars will grow!

Ban Options:

If a customer is making you feel uncomfortable give them a verbal warning. If they continue, Kick them off the chat. If they return and continue, you can Ban them from your chat.

Remember to flirt, laugh, smile and have fun! Remember the rules!

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